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Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the idea that no single symptom can be seen in isolation from the totality of the person’s pattern of symptoms. As with other holistic therapies, all health patterns are created by the interaction between emotional and physical factors. In fact, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues are seen as part of and often indicative of the person’s condition.

Being 'healthy' requires an awareness of many factors including individual constitutional make-up and how the lifestyle choices we make such as occupations, home environment and relationships effects well-being. In Chinese Medicine good health depends on the state of the body's qi.

Taking regular exercise is as important as taking regular rest and relaxation. It is necessary to develop a sense of your own limits as over-or under-exercising can reduce the body's qi, the vital energy.

Healthy Living. Healthy Living

Be in the moment
Try to focus on what you are doing e.g. eat in a relaxed way not rushing your food, chewing every mouthful, thinking about what you are eating rather than shovelling food in as fast as possible whilst watching TV, reading or working, allowing yourself time to digest the meal so that you can assimilate all the available nutrients.

Eat warm, cooked and seasonal foods
Eat seasonal food such as stews and root vegetables in the winter and foods such as melons, mangoes,tomatoes and salad in the summer.

Cold, raw foods are harder to digest as more energy is required to transform these foods into a warm liquid in the stomach, therefore although full of nutrients, we may not easily absorb these nutrients and we excrete most of the nutrients out of our bodies. The action of chewing food helps to warm cold food.

Eat Regular Meals
Eating irregularly is a contributing factor to many digestive disorders. Eating early allowing time for food to digest before sleeping as eating large meals late at night can lead to food stagnation and damp.

Eat foods that are in their natural form. Processed so called health foods are seen as less healthy and more difficult to digest than their real equivalent e.g. butter rather than margarine.

Avoid Overeating
In our culture of plenty and choice, where food becomes a way of satisfying our unfulfilled emotional needs, it is a good idea to stop eating before we are full.

Avoid Excesses
Over-reliance on stimulants, alcohol or drugs is best avoided. Food cravings and addictions are symptoms of an imbalance. By strengthening our ‘upright qi’ Chinese medicine can help increase our desire to remain healthy. Overworking and other obsessions are also seen as excesses which weaken our qi, our vital energy.
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